Visualization Latency

August 3, 2022

I have built a number of visualization products and like other augmented reality products latency is a key design characteristic.

Visualization products are products that sense the environment, process that data, and present that data to the user. A good example of such a product is the AccuVein Vein Viewer that I designed.

A conventional camera based system will typically have these design elements. Most of these systems have latency values in the 100 to 200ms range.

camera processing projector latency

A laser scanner based system with camera/projector typically looks like this and can have a full latency an order of magnitude less than a camera based system. The AccuVein AV500 has a 12ms latency.

laser processing projector latency

For more information on laser based scanning see the Zedtech website.

In many cases the processing block is a combination of preprocessing, communication to a cloud server, processing on the cloud, generation of presentation data, communication to the edge device, and on device processing.

I recently created a presentation on presentation latency including a review of the various design alternatives and their effect on latency and product development cost and complexity. This work also identifies what I think are the best set of product design choices for today.