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Laser Beam Scanning

Joe authored Handbook for Laser Beam Scanning Products and wrote simulation, modeling, and support tools to explore design options, improve performnace, and obtain a safe and approved product. The handbook is available for use by Zedtech's consulting clients.

Product Improvement

For a recent client, evaluated their product design and recommended product improvements and development strategies to quickly and inexpensively obtain better performance and improve product design.

Joe quickly evaluated the product and the design decisions made.

Engineering Leadership

Joe as asked to provide software leadership and technical guidance for a Cubesat development.

Startup Medical Device Company

Startup medical device company needed to put in place a quality system and regulatory affairs program and Joe was asked to help. Project had no budget and little time.

With Joe's extensive quality and regulatory experience he was able to assess the companies needs and put together a quality and regulatory plan. Using low and no cost quality documents and custom procedures that Joe wrote he quickly created an effective quality system to meet their current needs.



While the existing product was very successful and still selling well supply chain issues were becoming a problem. The company needed to find a new supply chain for critical and end-of-life components. In addition the product needed to be upgraded to improve reliability, robustness, and performance.

First attempts to find a replacement supply chain for an end of life component had not been successful. The company needed to find a new supply chain and product design since they were running out of parts. By the time what looked like a suitable replacement candidate was found the company had less than 1 year of parts left. Adding to the challenges was that the company did not have an in-house product development team.

Rapid development of a class II medical device. In 10 months from technology validation and contracts signed with the new supplier the medical device was cleared and in production. The new product was a complete success meeting all product requirements and goals.



Upgrade existing product to better meet customer needs.

Companies existing product was not meeting the needs of their customers. While initially customers were excited about it and the product recevied industry awards, a new product that would be more user friendly and perform better as needed. I could see that sales were begining to suffer and a new product was quickly needed.

Building upon a successful industrial and optical design completely redesign the electronics, software, data processing, and user interface. The new product was a complete success.

There were a number of challenges in this project. The first was that the company did not have an in-house product development team and had no corporate experience in product development. The second was that not only did a product need to be developed, but the critical technologies needed to build the product needed to be invented too.

Product was developed within 1 year going on to win numerous awards including a MDEA Gold Award and the SPIE Prism award. Almost 50K units were shipped to about 100 countries.



First product development for a brand new medical device company

Company had gotten funding on a technology based prototype, but no customer products needs, no product requirements, no product development experience, no product development team, no consideration of medical device requirements, no manufacturing, quality, or regulatory infrastructure.

Selected strategy was to partner with a design firm. Become an active member of the product team as both product owner and contributor. The new product was a complete success winning an MDEA Gold Award.

In addition to the product development, the company needed to build a team, customer model, a manufacturing infrastructure, a quality and regulatory infrastructure, and a customer support infrastructure. In addition the company was developing its marketing and sales infrastructures and I needed to align our product plans and activites with these activities.

Product development from joining company writing the product requirements specification to first product ship of cleared product was 18 months.

The company was able to raise additional funding and is now a successful medical device company.

Rapid Product Development

As an engineering manager for a large mobile computer company, Joe was asked to develop a rugged mobile computer for a new customer.

The challenge was that this was a competitive bidding situation and the customer required a fully functional prototype and proposal in 3 months. The company had an in-house product development team, but they were not available. All that had been done before Joe took on the project was that the company had created a Power Point presentation on possible product attributes and what the product could look like. The company needed to find a product development team, design a rugged mobile computer, and build a prototype in 3 months.

Joe successfully lead a team of engineers and contractors to design and build a rugged mobile computer in 3 months. The product was a success allowing the software / solutions partner to put their application code on the device and present it to the customer.

Joe he took a project from a PowerPoint presentation to a dozen working rugged mobile computer prototypes in the customers hands running their software in less than 3 months – selected a design, sourced contractors, negotiated contracts, lead a project team of inside and contracted staff; designed and built a new wireless handheld computer running CE 4.2 with bar code imager and 802.11b radio.